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Rashid Yaqoob Khan was born in 1 Dec 1978, in a village named Panthal in district Sudhnoti Pallandri Azad Kashmir. He grew up in Panthal and completed his early education in his village and then he moved to Islamabad with His father to continue his education. He is graduated from Azad Jammu & Kashmir University.He believe journalism serves many vital functions in a democratic society. As the eyes and ears of society, journalism seeks to discover what is going on in the world beyond people’s doors and tells them about it. In doing so, journalism strives to reflect and transmit society’s values. The best journalism promotes public accountability of the powerful and encourages a well-informed citizenry. He invite challenges to established beliefs, practices and institutions throughout the curriculum and the environment while providing appropriate professional skills for gathering, analyzing, processing and disseminating information useful to society.


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