Northern Areas of Pakistan

Northern areas of Pakistan are the hub of the worlds greatest mountain chains. K2 and Concordia , Chitral and the Hindukush, Rakaposhi and the beautiful Hunza valley with its hospitable and loving people , Nanga Parbat and the Himalayas, such are the name that can make you feel craving for their love.  Northern Areas of  Pakistan are blessed with the greatest Volume of high mountains concentration of lofty peaks on earth. With in a small area there are like 100 mountain peaks above 7000 meters, five of which tower above 8000 meters:K-2 (8611 m), Nanga Parbat (8125 m) Gasherbrum 1 (8068 m), Broad Peak (8047 m) Gasherbrum 1 ( 8035 m), and the longest glaciers out side polls on earth, where the mighty Himalaya, Karakorum, Pamir and Hindukush all meet. Northern Area of Pakistan are famous for great locations. Pakistan Northern Areas are enchanting for mountaineers. Another important aspect of the Northern Areas is its weather. Unlike other parts of Pakistan, like Karachi or Lahore, the Northern Areas doesn’t have a single climate. Because of its many converging mountain ranges, the region features several microclimates. In the east near the Himalayas, the climate is humid, and in the west near the Karakoram range, it is dry. The region’s varying climate also features differences in temperature. For example, in the region’s capital city of Gilgit, summers are very hot and winters are very cold. Average temperatures during the summer in this dry city are usually around 30 degrees Celsius.


Islamabad is Capital and well planned city of Pakistan. It was built in mid sixties by Military led President Ayub. It is master planned city and business Hub now.Its basically modern Pakistan with diplomatic look ultra modern look.  Initially it was built only for half a million people now 4 million people are living in Islamabad. Islamabad does not have any rich history due to fact it was all woods before 1960’s. The main vision was to give Pakistan a safer and secure Capital earlier the capital was in Karachi which is quit densely populated. Islamabad is touching neighbouring City Rawalpindi which is typically called “Pindi” as well. Rawalpindi and Islamabad are not cherished as main tour destinations but it entails so many local by sights that are really worth seeing. Mostly visitors only stay for brief period of time in Rawalpindi or Islamabad as basecamp for their upcoming tours. Though Islamabad is refreshing in own right Pindi is blessed with rich history that dates back to ancient times. Islamabad is city of flowers, wide road and big buildings. Rawalpindi is total contrast to Capital of Pakistan as it does not posses big hotels and planned infrastructure yet it has its own Chrisma. There are many ancient buildings of Pre Pakistan era that is worth visiting. Islamabad serves the platform to all visitors to see some of spectacular hill stations nearby. Murree is only one hour Drive from Capital City. The temperature of Murre remains moderate even in months of June and July. The fascinating Hill stations that draw people of Punjab and all over Pakistan. If we say Murree is most popular Hill station in Pakistan we wont’ be lying. NathiaGali is yet another serene hill station that is less developed but has marvellous beauty and breathtaking mountains , fresh waters channels. It draws crowd from all over Pakistan and usually gets heavy snow in months of December and January respectively.

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